QUYN Payroll

Quyn Payroll services ensure complete peace of mind when it comes to managing your employees’ payments as well as submitting your monthly and annual returns.

Outsource your payroll into our competent hands and allow us to focus on your
core company objectives.

  • Supply and loading of timekeeping solutions

  • Payroll administration and management services

  • Wage bureau management

  • Third party, statutory provision management and Payment

  • Leave data collection management

  • Pay slip Delivery

  • Reports Delivery

  • Bulks salary download

  • Employee self service

  • Return service

  • Bonus, statutory provision and complaint record compilation cases

  • Auditing and setting Up of your compliant and efficient payroll.

“Focus your energy on progress and profitability, not admin and auditing. Quyn Payroll is your new trusted, process partner.”

Looking for a First-Class Payroll Consultant?