The world is evolving, but so are we. Although life is uncertain, unpredictable and complicated, QUYN knows that now is the time to move forward. We set the standard in employment management solutions. We challenge the industry to create better lives for the people, for South Africa, for the world. We are innovators of value and transformation, cultivating potential through learning, high involvement culture, and the pursuit of opportunities. We pay attention so you don’t have to pay the price of fluctuating productivity. We give our clients confidence in what we do and who we are.


QUYN is the first-choice provider of integrated employment management solutions in an array of industries across South Africa and beyond.


We provide our clients with employment management expertise and specialist solutions, ensuring they have the ability to focus their capital resources on their core business functions


We use reliable, qualified and experienced specialists to handle risk, keeping your employer/employee performance at optimum levels, at all times.


We want to set a new standard for employment management solutions, leading to better lives for the people, a better economy for South Africa, and growing businesses across the world.

Business Principles – We strive to always be:

  • Relevant in the market
  • Reliable service providers for our clients and trustworthy recruitment agents for jobseekers
  • Fully compliant with existing legislation and proactive in achieving compliance amidst any tentative amendments to legislation

We are committed to delivering quality service and going beyond simply filling a position. We believe in our holistic employee management solution. We aim to consult with our clients every step of the way and provide the best possible solution, developed specifically for each client’s unique needs.

As a proudly South African company we are very conscious of transformation goals and strive to be consistently compliant. We aim to uplift and empower people through placing them in sustainable employment and ensuring that our clients are always optimally productive and functioning at their highest potential.